Castello & Rossi X Hannah Day Art

Castello & Rossi has commissioned talented artist Hannah Day to produce a series of unique gouache works on paper depicting jewels from the Castello & Rossi collection. Throughout time, gouache renderings have traditionally been used by jewelry designers to conceptualize their designs. They are the cornerstone of the archival records of the world's most famous jewelry houses. ‍We offer these paintings as a record of each jewel which may be kept or passed on alongside the jewels themselves.‍
‍Hannah Day is a 25 year old self-taught artist with a background in period jewelry, specializing in hyper-realistic watercolor and gouache renderings of jewels. Hannah studied jewelry design at the Gemological Institute of America in London and has an international following of auction houses, dealers and collectors for whom she produces her magnificent one-off works. If you wish to purchase a gouache painting depicting a jewel from the Collection but do not see it here, please contact us.